Commenting on the circulation of an online petition asking for a start date for the Mottram relief road and Glossop Spur project, Andrew said:

"Naturally I support the petition, and I do appreciate the frustration that people have, knowing that the Mottram relief road and Glossop Spur was given the go-ahead in December 2014, but not having heard much since.

"In the debate I secured in February of this year, I made the point that people want to see that things are happening. In response, the Minister outlined a timescale: a full public consultation commencing in April next year, followed by an application for a development consent order in summer or early autumn 2018, and the start of construction in the financial year 2019-20. I know there are regular meetings with stakeholders such as councils, to keep them updated, and I am told that this timetable is still on track.

"I am constantly asking the Government to shorten this timetable, as the need for the bypass only grows. I am also aware, however, that there are legal procedures and processes that the project needs to go through, and if corners are cut, or plans rushed, that could leave the whole thing open to legal challenges.

"We've had too many false dawns in the past, so although I want it to happen as quickly as possible, I also want it to be done properly rather than rushed, so that it can't be challenged or halted because due process hasn’t been adhered to.

"Following recent events, we now have a new Transport Secretary - Chris Grayling - who I know well. I am currently seeking a meeting with him as soon as possible, to fully acquaint him with the situation and impress on him that here in Glossop we are desperate for action as soon as possible."

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