Following a request from residents of Tintwistle, I recently met with them to discuss the issue of the bypass.

I am grateful for them for setting up and attending the meeting, and it allowed a good and open discussion on the progress on the bypass that is so badly needed for Tintwistle, Glossop and the surrounding area.

Recent difficulties over the last week in Charlesworth have only served to reinforce the dire need for a solution to our traffic problems and have also increased my frustrations and that of fellow residents at the slow progress being made.

The process is moving forward - I am ensuring that is happening - but like many people I am moving from frustration to annoyance at the amount of time it is taking. I do want to allow them every opportunity to extend the already agreed plans to take in Tintwistle and I don’t want to rush it too much in case only the existing commitment is fulfilled, however there has to be a balance between due process and the desperate need. I continue to badger Ministers continually to make that point.

Following the announcement of the scheme in late 2014, I made a promise to the people of Glossopdale. It is a promise I intend to keep, and I will not cease in striving to deliver that promise sooner rather than later. I fully understand people’s frustration but I want to reassure residents that I am straining every sinew to get this road underway as quickly as possible.

I can inform people that I wll be bringing the Roads Minister, Andrew Jones MP, to Glossop later in February to see the problem for himself. I know and understand that we have had many different Ministers visit before but Andrew is the present Minister and I believe he should see the reality for himself, rather than having to rely on maps and advice from his officials. I am pleased that Andrew was delighted to visit the town as he himself wants to see it first hand.

To the residents of Glossop and the surrounding area, I will not rest until we see spades in the ground and this long-overdue project underway.

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