Many people across the High Peak receive my Email newsletter, which I send out on a regular basis and has a readership of several thousand people. Anyone wishing to receive it can sign up via a quick form on the front page of my website. I pay personally to use a dedicated company to send it out so that people know it is secure and not a spam email.

For the amount I pay each month, it gives me a certain amount of emails I can send out and I have been giving some thought as to how I can use the spare capacity that this price gives me. I have settled on the idea of also sending a community newsletter / noticeboard that can be used by local voluntary organisations and community groups to promote themselves or events that they are holding.

It will be totally non-political, and I am liaising with High Peak CVS to work out the best way of doing it, but my vision is that a local voluntary organisations that is running an event can send the information into my office for inclusion on the Community Newsletter, which will then be sent out in the same way as my own Email Newsletter.

Naturally there will be limited space available, and the frequency of the newsletter is something that I am still looking at, however I hope it will provide a useful avenue of publicity for the many voluntary organisations that operate across the High Peak - and at absolutely no cost to themselves. It can be used to promote a single event or indeed a service being offered by a specific issue group. There are so many of these across the High Peak and as it is such a large area it is difficult for them to get the publicity they need to reach across the whole area. I am hoping that this Community Email Newsletter will give them an extra opportunity, with no cost and very little extra work required.

I have had discussions with the High Peak CVS who provide support to community and voluntary groups in the High Peak, and they will be invaluable in spreading the word to their members about what I am trying to do, however there will be other groups who may not be in touch with the CVS and I would encourage anyone involved in a local voluntary organisation to get in touch with me. If you are holding an event or running a voluntary community service, and would like to use this to gain extra publicity, then please email or call me so that I can make my new Community Email Newsletter the best it can be.

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