In what has been a year of political surprises, perhaps the biggest surprise of all was sprung by the Prime Minister, Theresa May last Tuesday morning when she announced she was going to seek the will of Parliament for a General Election on June 8th.

In previous years this would have been the Prime Minister’s choice and decision, however the Fixed Term Parliament Act now decrees that it has to be carried by at least two thirds of MPs. This was duly carried out the following day - last Wednesday - meaning that the Country will go to the polls in a few weeks time. There are question over why the Prime Minister has taken this course, indeed I myself was surprised, however it was becoming clear following statements made by Liberal Democrat and Labour MPs that they were preparing to frustrate the process of Brexit both in the Commons and the Lords. This would significantly weaken the negotiating ability of the Prime Minister, something that would harm the British interest. Faced with this scenario the Prime Minister has, reluctantly, decided that a General Election is needed.

Parliament will now dissolve on May 3rd, when the General Election campaign will begin in earnest in the run-up to June 8th when I will once again be asking for your support at the ballot box. Before then I will be carrying both my own message to continue to work hard for the whole of the High Peak, and also the Conservative message of strong stable leadership and Government against an apparently disorganised opposition, where opposing messages continue to emanate from members of Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party - often in direct contradiction of their own leader.

I intend to spend the vast majority of my campaigning time knocking on as many doors as possible as, despite the opportunities afforded by social media, I firmly believe that there is no substitute for being on the doorstep speaking to people one to one. With almost 40,000 homes in the High Peak it is impossible to get to every door, but it is my aim to get to as many as humanly possible in the time available. If you would like to help my campaign, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

As ever, I view being Member of Parliament for the High Peak as a tremendous honour and a privilege, and one that I hope to be able to continue doing after June 8th.

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