Local MP Andrew Bingham has this week placed a Glossary of Parliamentary Terms and an explanation of Parliamentary procedure on his website, which he hopes that people will find helpful.

This follows the publication of the European Union (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill this week, and a subsequent increase in interest in Parliamentary procedures and the process by which a Bill becomes law.

Andrew had been compiling a list of terms for a Glossary, and decided to place it on his website this week, so that people who are interested can find out more about how the Bill will become law.

Andrew said:

“I wanted to put on my website a glossary of terms which, although common in Westminster, many people in the High Peak won’t know what they mean. The aspects of Parliamentary procedure are a mystery to many and this guide is there to put some explanation behind some of the everyday terms used in Westminster.

“With the publication of the EU withdrawal bill this week, we’ve seen an upsurge of interest in how Bills progress through Parliament to become Acts, so I thought I would put this list on my website now, in the hope that it will help inform people about the various terms, as well as giving an insight into how legislation becomes law, and indeed what some of the other parts of Parliamentary procedure are, how they work and what their purpose is.”

The Glossary of Parliamentary Terms is on Andrew’s website here.

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